Amanzie is a one-man business with the aim to give everyone an unique experience on the water. This is possible in group and individually.

My name is Sten De Lille and I am the face behind Amanzie. My adventure started at the age of eight. Then I sailed for the first time on flat water. Once sailing became child's play, I switched to windsurfing. I discovered a new way to have fun and at the same time keep my body moving. That is how my new passion arose that I wanted to share with everyone. In order to realize this and to offer my course participants the best possible lessons, I obtained the diploma initiator windsurfing at the age of fifteen.

As my windsurfing skills progressed, the average wind speed in Belgium was no longer challenging enough. Because of this I could and can only surf a few days a year.


Because fitness is not really my thing, I went looking for a new, challenging watersport. So I discovered a fairly new sport, SUP or better known as Stand Up Paddle boarding.


SUP is an ideal sport for people who want something different than training between four walls. With this endurance sport you almost use all the muscles in your body. Ideal to combine with your existing training schedule.

Again I discovered a watersport that I wanted to share with everyone and everything. That is why I decided to obtain my SUP instructor certification in 2017.


I recently founded my watersports school AMANZIE. In this way I can combine my passion for watersports and teaching in secondary education.