W.E. 10'6

Price for the SUP: € 20.- a day

Price 25% carbon paddle: € 4.- a day

Price 50% carbon paddle: € 5.- a day


Just like the ENJOY, the W.E 10'6 is the perfect board to use if you don't have much experience. It is inflatable so that the board can easily be stowed in a car or carried on the back. The board has a wide surface so that you can easily stand on it. This relatively short board (320 cm) allows you to turn easily. The big difference with the ENJOY is that the W.E. consists of a stronger material. The advantage of this is that it makes it easier to ride on small waves. There are elastic straps on the front under which you can place a drink or sweater. Again we recommend a paddle that consists of 25% or 50% carbon.

W.E. 12'6

Price for the SUP: € 22.- a day

Price 50% carbon paddle: € 5.- a day

Price 100% carbon paddle: € 8.- a day


The W.E. 12'6 is made to SUP long distances as a recreational stand up paddle boarder. This one is longer than the ENJOY and W.E. 10'6. This makes you go faster and you can cover longer distances in a comfortable way. Unlike the beginner's boards, the W.E. 12' 6 is harder to turn. The extra length has no influence on the transport of the board because it’s also inflatable.

Because this SUP is narrower than the two previous ones, you will find it harder to keep your balance. For this reason, we only recommend this board when you feel comfortable standing up on the ENJOY or W.E. 10’6. For the paddle we recommend 50% or 100% carbon.

DUDE 6'4

Price for the Board: € 10.- a day


The DUDE 6'4 is an inflatable surfboard. The ideal board for learning how to surf. Unlike most wave surfboards, it is inflatable. This makes it easy for you to take it with you to wherever you want. The Dude 6'4 has a relatively large volume so that it can be used by both adults and children. It is also perfectly possible for children to learn to wave SUP with it.

If you use this board to wave SUP, we recommend a paddle with 50% or 100% carbon.


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